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STEVE JOBS: The Secret to Success


Most of us at Therapy Life have been affected/inspired by Jobs in some way/form, so it is only fair that we pay tribute to a man that revolutionized the music industry and gave birth/new meanings to technological aesthetics. We teamed up with local Miami musician Alejandro, and created a short but substantial soundtrack/visual tribute to Steve Job’s success. Steve left us a great gift– if applied correctly, and with the right intentions, there is no way one can fail at succeeding.

The Secret to Success:

The majority of us seek both material abundance, and social status; this search for “equity” and “balance” eventually ends up submerging our minds so deep in obtaining them, that eventually we rest our true purpose and dreams aside. Yes, you WILL fail, and yes, the only person that will remember your failures is you.

Besides not becoming wrapped up in life’s mundane/daily routines. Success also calls for a very special component to be manifested at full force; risk. Like generations of humans before us; nowadays, we are told that the Earth is dangerous, that it holds risks and surprises and that we should make calculated choices in order to lead the better life. That’s partly true, I believe— there are surprises alright, but for the most part, great success in life cannot be obtained by always coloring inside the lines. Our lives become vital when composed by failed-risks that eventually create a beautiful offspring of new ideas.

Steve left us with an understanding of looking back and connecting the significant dots of your past decisions. One can only try to understand the past, but it is merely a blueprint to guide our future. Jobs understood this, and gave birth to a generation frustrated with encumbered ideas. In order to fulfill our unique purpose, whether it’d be a lesson in life, or fulfilling our inner crusading spirit, have the courage to NOT forget these dreams, to fail, and then ultimately, make them happen.

Jobs provided us with a with a great gift, and ultimate the recipe to his success: take a risk and fail at what you absolutely love, and live to tell about it.