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The ultimate guide to Ultra Music Festival


So, you are going to Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida but you have never been before? Therapy Life has the ultimate guide to have the best time at Ultra Music Festival 2012.

Where to stay

First off, the festival is in the heart of downtown Miami at Bayfront Park during March 23rd through the 25th. The event draws in over 50,000 fans of electric dance music every year which means one thing, lots of people! The best thing to do is try to find something that is as close as possible to Bayfront Park as possible. In the years past the Therapy Life staff has preferred to stay at the Biscayne Bay Doubletree or the Marriott Biscayne Bay hotels. Both of these hotels are within a short ten minute work just north of the festival.

One of the major things to consider when finding a place to stay at is the location. Catching a taxi cab after the festival is a nearly impossible feat. That is definitely something to consider should you chose to stay in South Beach. The major road that goes from the festival over to South Beach is Interstate 395. Around the time Ultra Music Festival lets out, usually around midnight, I-395 becomes a near parking lot. However, some great hotels to stay at in South Beach are Hotel Delano, Setai, Gansevoort, Lowes, or the Clevelander.

Where to park

The first thing you should know is that parking in Miami is not cheap. Many hotels in Miami and Miami Beach frequently charge for parking. It is common to pay twenty to thirty dollars per day to park at the very hotel you are staying at. Miami Airport offers economy parking for only eight dollars per day. That is definitely the most affordable parking there is in Miami taking a taxi over to the hotel. There will be many different parking lots and garages around Ultra Music Festival. Most of the lots charge between twenty and thirty dollars for the event parking. One garage to definitely try to park at would be the Bayside Mall garage. That is the closest parking for the event however it will definitely be full if you do not get there early.

Where to eat

The best plan of action is to go into the festival on a full stomach. To avoid the very high prices of the junk food sold, definitely get a solid meal in. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat the Bayside mall has a large food court with a large selection of different food vendors all at a reasonable price. It is less than five minutes walking distance before you head to the festival. On the contrary, if you are looking to eat somewhere better you could check out the Latin American cafe also located in the Bayside mall.

Final tips

As the music festival opens the line to get in will get very long. If you are planning on getting in when it starts make sure to arrive at least an hour early. Otherwise it would be best to wait some time for the line to clear up and go in later on during the day.


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  • Guest

    Do you know what UMF uses to sell their tickets? like thru ticketmaster, flavorus, livenation, etc? Just wondering for when tickets come out because my work blocks some of these sites.

  • http://twitter.com/rccintra Rafael Cintra

    Need to know also the cheap motels … can’t afford – over $200 a night!!

  • djfromga

    Early bird tix go on sale on Tuesday May 7th

  • djfromga

    Use hotwire.com.
    Downtown hotels start at $220p/night but u can get cheaper rates outside downtown