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Life In Color Rebirth (Dayglow) 2013 Tour Released!


“2013 Life In Color Rebirth TOUR”

This is not just a catchy phrase to live Life In Color, this is a time to live life to the fullest. The Life In Color Rebirth 2013 is a time to reconnect with all the things in your life that brings you back to your truest feelings. The moments that you are truly alive.

In Miami, Florida (July 9, 2012) Dayglow (Life in Color), recognized as the “World’s Largest Paint Party”, have launched their most ambitious tour schedule to date. With massive 30 dates already on the books for the “2012 The E.N.D (Electronic Never Dies) Tour”, the ambition and size of this new project is very rare to see.

As they have perfected the right combination of paint, electronic dance music and showmanship, this party promises to take it all to the next level and more. We feel that Life In Color is going to blow your mind in a way that before was never possible.

Life In Color’s DJ line-up Always Delivers

When Life In Color comes int your city, they certainly bring the worlds greatest Dj’s and Performers. Megastars like; Alesso, Apollo V, Axwell, Benny Benassi, Borgore, Chuckie, Diplo, Fedde le Grand, Laidback Luke, R3hab, Steve Aoki, Sander van Doorn, Timbaland, and resident Dayglow DJ David Solano rocked the masses and created a true EDM movement that is alive and vibrant. Dayglow 2013 is definitely anticipated to become one of the hottest parties of the year, especially with almost every event last year was a sellout event. Life In Color Rebirth is looking to make big moves in 2013.

Life In Color #1 EDM Tour

Life In Color is known for anything its their ability to sell out their shows, which have totaled over 199 since their formation as Committee Entertainment. The event has also landed overseas having touched countries like Mexico, Australia, Ecuador, and Poland. The international profile of the tour just keeps expanding at an explosive rate.

In 2012 the Life In Color E.N.D (Electronic Never Dies) tour came to over twenty-five cities including Atlantic City, Boston, Boulder, Dallas, Charleston, Ft Myers, Gainesville, Kennesaw, Knoxville, Lincoln, Long Island, Louisville, Iowa City, Lubbock, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Rochester, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington DC, Wilkes-Barre, and many more!

And make no mistake about it, this party IS an experience to remember. Do you ever feel like every party is always the same? Life in color ramps things up by creating a truly immersive experience. Paint cannons blast party-goers (who are always encouraged to wear white) with spectacular colors, while LED screens create a symbiotic visual effect that permeates through to every last person in the audience. Performers interact from the stage and inside the massive crowd to further enhance the interactive experience between party goer and event. At Life In Color, the lines between talent and patron are permanently blurred.

Life In Color Rebirth is truly set to become the awesome start to an exciting party! The tour will only stop at each city one a year starting in 2013, something that some cities last year saw multiple stops last year.

Buy Life In Color Merchandise

Head over to the official Life In Color merchandise shop Kotton Zoo, to pick up official shirts and other cool items from the Life In Color collection!

Life In Color KottonZoo Therapy Life Banner

2013 The Rebirth Tour Dates

Feb 15 – Monterrey, MX
Feb 16 – Cancun, MX
Feb 16 – Bolder, CO
Feb 23 – Phoenix, AZ
Apr 5 – Columbus, OH
Apr 6 – Kalamazoo, MI
Apr 6 – Austin, TX
Apr 10 – Kingston, RI
Apr 12 – Albany, NY
Apr 13 – Rochester, NY
Apr 13 – Houston, Tx
Apr 14 – Worchester, MA
Apr 19 – Bloomington, IN
Apr 20 – Cincinnati, OH
Apr 26 – Athens, GA
Apr 27 – San Diego, CA
Apr 27 – Columbia, MO
May 4 – Cleveland, OH
June 1 – San Juan, PR

More updates and cities will be announced, but you can stay connected with the Life In Color Facebook Page.


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    Life In Color says that more dates are going to be announced in the coming weeks!  Therapy Life which is out of Miami would like to see a Miami date announced also!

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  • Dan

    A lot of the tour is all ages, however some cities are 18+.

  • therapylife

    Not sure but, it’s probably up to the Venue staff. Most Life In Color’s are all ages with some being 18+.

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  • angela

    When’s DC’s event?

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